About Us

I love to eat and make my food special in easy way🥰 Friah’s Kitchen is dedicated to give you easy-to-follow recipes that you can use at home. Our recipes are proven to be doable, and they will surely result in delicious foods that you and your family will love. They are not just made for the sake of uploading a video in this platform; they are real recipes obtained from different sources-passed down knowledge, food blogs, restaurant recipes, experimentations, and more! This channel will give you a compilation of great recipes that will suit your palate. From local cuisine to Pinoy adaptations of foreign delicacies, from meat recipes to vegetables and dessert recipes, we will feature them here.

Whether you are new in the kitchen world, looking for ways to make a great start, or a seasoned mom, this channel is for you. You will find new recipes that may interest you or old ones that are difficult to find. If you miss your mom’s home-cooked meals or your favorite restaurant’s dish, try