Bukayo / Negosyo Recipes(Coconut Sweet and Chewy Fritters)

Bukayo or your favorite sweet and chewy coconut fritters should not be missed! Here is a video to teach you how to make them at home!

This is something that we miss from our childhood. Whenever harvest time for buko would come up, we were excited to be there because we knew that we could ask for those extra young coconuts and make them into something else! Sometimes we make them as our favorite buko salad or samalamig or buko pandan. However, when resources become scarce, bukayo is enough for us. Our recipe here calls for vanilla, but before, sugar is enough. If you are going to sell these coconut fritters, then please make sure to put some drops of vanilla. That extract is sure to make this treat more delicious.

Made from shredded young coconut meat or malakanin and sugar, this bukayo is a good business venture. Try our recipe now!


• 5 cups of Young coconut meat/ Malakanin
• ½ kilo of Brown sugar
• 1 tsp. of Vanilla extract


1. Put all the ingredients in a pan.

2. Cook over medium heat and stir well.

3. Let it boil and continuous stir.

4. Let it reduce and continue to stir until it cooks.

5. Wait to slight dry and sticky.

6. Arrange into banana leaves and let it cool.

7. Served and enjoy.