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(Trending) Milo Dalgona

Give yourself a sweet afternoon treat with this Milo dalgona! Join the craze with this recipe! Dalgona became a trend when quarantine all over the world started. It looks difficult to do at first, but when you tried it, you would want to make one everyday! This drink is made by whipping coffee, sugar, and […]

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Nilupak / Negosyo Recipes

Do you miss the nilupak your grandmother used to make? Here is a recipe you can follow to replicate it at your home! Nilupak is a classic Pinoy delicacy that is made of mashed starchy food, traditionally mixed with coconut milk and sugar, and topped with margarine. Nowadays, condensed milk is used, together with butter […]

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How to Make Choa Fan (Chow King )

Hey there, guys! I have a special of Chinese fried rice or better known as Chao Fan ready for you to enjoy. But first, you better subscribe to my Youtube Channel, Friah’s Kitchen, and don’t forget to click on that notification button so you’ll get notified whenever I upload a fun new recipe you can […]

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