Easy Menudo Recipe

Menudo is an all-around meal. You can serve it from breakfast to dinner, whether there is a special occasion or none. Learn how to make it in this video!

This dish is commonly confused with afritada and mechado. If you are not so much into identifying the food you eat or buy, you have probably eaten these three without knowing that they are different from one another. They are all orange in color and usually tomato based.

Menudo is one of our local stew that is made with sliced liver and pork. The term menudo means tiny or small in Spanish. It also has vegetables, which include carrots, bell pepper, and potatoes. Raisins are sometimes added to make it sweeter than normal. No chili sauce or tripe is used in this dish, although there is a dish of the same name in Mexico that has these ingredients.

Are you ready to make this for dinner? Enjoy!


• 1 kilo of Pork and Pork Liver Slice Cubes
• 1 big Carrots slice Cubes
• 1 big Bell pepper slice Cubes
• 1 big Potato slice Cubes
• 1 big Onion Slice
• 7 cloves of Garlic Slice
• 1 tbsp. Sugar, 1 tsp Salt, Pepper and Seasoning powder
• ¼ cup of Soy sauce
• 1 pc. of Tomato Sauce
• ¼ cup of Ketchup
• ¼ cup of Cheese
• 3 tbsp. Oil for Sauté
• 1 cup of Water


1. Heat the pan with oil and sauté garlic until golden brown to get flavorful.

2. Add onion sauté for another 20 seconds.

3. Add the pork and pork liver stir well.

4. Add the Seasoned with salt, pepper and sugar.

5. Add soy sauce and stir well and cover it.

6. Cook for 5- to 10 minutes until the pork get soft.

7. Add the cheese and tomato sauce.

8. Add water and let it boil until the pork soft.

9. Add the ketchup and stir then cover.

10. Add the slice carrots, bell pepper and potato stir and cover

11. Until they get soft and cook.

12. Then wait to slight dry and cook all ingredients.

13. Served with white rice