Honey Malunggay with Calamansi Juice

This honey malunggay juice with calamansi is a healthy drink that you will love! Try this recipe now!

Malunggay or moringa is becoming popular now as a nutritious natural drink. You can find many online shops selling bottles of this now. Considered as a superfood, they said that it is good for those with diabetes and in losing weight. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as many important vitamins and minerals. Although many are now boiling the leaves and making it a tea, not all can take that taste, especially kids.

This recipe here is an alternative that you can try. Sweetened with honey or sugar (we prefer honey!) and added with calamansi, the taste is definitely improved! It is refreshing and so easy to make! There is no guilt with having too much because it is all natural. Make a pitcher of this now!


• 5 – 10 pcs. Calamansi
• ½ cup of Honey or Sugar
• 2 cups of Malunggay leaves
• 1-liter of Water
• Ice cubes (optional)


1. Put malunggay leaves in blender and add the water. Blend it and set aside.

2. Pour honey in the remaining water in pitcher and squeeze the calamansi.

3. Strained the blended malunggay leaves and pour in the pitcher. Mix well

4. Serve with ice cubes. Enjoy