How to Make California Maki Roll

This California maki recipe will give you a new way to enjoy your meal time. Learn how to make these rolls here in this video!

Sushi roll, which is also called Makimono or Makizushi roll or rolled sushi, is a favorite among millennials now. It is an easier way to enjoy your meal when in rush. With its distinct flavor, many are trying and loving these rolls. A sushi roll consists of sushi rice and other ingredients (whatever you want!), and it is generally wrapped in nori, which is a thin sheet of seaweed. Thin omelette, cucumber, soy paper, or perilla leaves can also be used to wrap the roll.

In this video, crab meat or crab stick (imitation), mango, cucumber, and avocado are used. This kind of roll is called California maki, and it is best enjoyed with Japanese soy sauce!

Enjoy this one of a kind meal!


• 3 – 4 cups Japanese Rice(cooked)
• 1 pc. Mango (slice into big strips)
• 1 pc. Avocado (slice into big strips)
• 1 pc. Cucumber (slice into big strips)
• 2 tbsp. Vinegar
• 3 tbsp. Sugar
• 1 pack of Nori Wrapper
• 10 pcs. Crabstick
• Japanese Soy Sauce for dipping


1. Prepared the cook rice and the slice toppings.

2. In a clean bowl mix the cooked japanese rice, vinegar and sugar. Mix well. Set aside

3. Get ready the bamboo rolling mat and place a piece of nori wrapper.

4. Spread cooked rice mixture in nori wrapper and arrange the crabstick, slice cucumber, slice avocado and slice mango.

5. Roll it using bamboo mat into tight and cut into bite size.

6. Serve and Dip into japanese soy sauce. Enjoy