How to Make Lemon Yakult – Healthy Drinks

This lemon Yakult drink says it all. It is a healthy option that you can give to your kids and yourself to beat the heat!

Lemon is now widely used in drinks, mainly due to its health benefits. With many advocating for a healthy lifestyle, you can find many kiosks selling lemon drinks. They are usually infused with cucumber and honey. Perfect combination! But not all will like it. Some would like something sweeter. And here comes this new fusion with Yakult!

Yakult is a kid’s favorite drink; it is a sweetened probiotic milk beverage fermented with good bacteria. It is commonly given to someone when something is wrong with his/her stomach. Have you tried that before? And then you suddenly feel well. This and lemon are indeed healthy combinations. Tangy, sweet, and a bit creamy. With honey as healthy sugar, it is a great drink for the body! Try this recipe now!

Good for 8 – 10 persons


• 2 pc. Lemon
• 5 pcs. Yakult
• ½ cup of honey or sugar
• 1-liter Water or more
• Ice cube


1. Prepare all the ingredients.

2. Roll the lemon to make juicy.

3. Slice the lemon then squeeze and set aside.

4. In the pitcher with water add the slice lemon, then add the yakult and add the honey or sugar. Mix well

5. Pour in a glass over ice cubes.

6. Share and Enjoy!