How to Make Mango Graham Float

This mango Graham float is all that you will need for dessert tonight. Learn a great recipe here!

We know that it is a very common dessert now. We can see many selling this goodness in a tub for a round a hundred or more. With the abundance of mango this season, people are taking advantage and making the best out of this fruit. And that is the point of this recipe. Why buy if you can make it? You can even have a lot of it at home. Eat it as much as you want, not limited by the price or availability.

Mango float is also called crema de manga. It is an icebox cake dessert that is made with layers of Graham crackers, ripe carabao mangoes, condensed milk, and whipped cream. It is chilled first before serving. So easy to make! You will enjoy it for sure. Try this recipe now!


• 2 pcs. Mangoes
• 1 cup of Graham Crushed
• 1 pack of Graham crackers
• ½ cup of Condensed milk
• 1 pack of Nestle cream chilled


1. Slice the mango and set aside.

2. Put in the mixing bowl the nestle cream and add the condensed milk then mix well. Set aside

3. In a tupperware layer the cream mixture, follow by graham crackers, add slice mango and sprinkle of graham powder. Repeat until second layer.

4. Cover and refrigerate for 7 hours.

5. Serve and enjoy!