How to Make Pichi – Pichi / Negosyo Recipes

What goodness can come from cassava? Here is one! Pichi pichi!

This classic Filipino kakanin, which is also spelled as pitsi pitsi, is sticky and gelatinous yet firm. It is commonly made of cassava, water, lye, and sugar and whitish or yellowish in color. Traditionally, grated cassava are steamed. When cooked, the opaque white color becomes translucent. Of course, with innovation comes a variety of colors. You can now see green, purple, orange, and red pichi pichi. Food color is key here.

Pichi pichi can be enjoyed as is. You can also have it topped with grated coconut or cheese or both. Our bias is that of cheese. Whether you want it for breakfast or snack, this kakanin is just perfect!

Can you remember your favorite pichi pichi stall in the market? Now that staying at home is advised, better have your cravings satisfied with this recipe! Be ready for a colorful and delightful snack time!


• 2 kilos of Cassava Roots
• 2 cups sugar
• 5 pcs. pandan leaves
• 5 cups water
• 1 tbsp. lye water (lihia)
• 1 tsp. of Food color (color of your choice)
• 1 cup of Grated coconut
• ¼ cup of Grated cheese
• Oil for brushing the cups
• 20 – 30 pcs of Molder cups


1. Use grater to grate cassava then squeeze them well and set aside.

2. Next, boil the pandan leaves in 5 cups of water until boiled well.

3. In a mixing bowl add grated cassava, pour the boiled water with pandan. Add the 2 cups of sugar then mix well.

4. Add the 1 tbsp of lye water then mix well.

5. Add the 1 tsp. food color then mix well.

6. Brush some oil in each molder cup. Then put pichi-pichi mixture molder cup.

7. Arrange in the steamer. Steam for 10 – 15 minutes. Until the mixture becomes translucent.

8. Remove in the steamer and set aside.

9. Remove in the cup and roll some pieces into the grated coconut and some of is sprinkle of grated cheese.

10. Serve and enjoy your pichi-pichi!