How to Mkae Maja Blanca with Langka/ Jackfruit

Maja blanca is one Filipino dessert that is easy to make. You should learn about it in this video!

Primarily made with coconut milk, this kakanin is also called coconut pudding. It is so creamy and delicate in taste. It is a local adaptation of manjar blanco or blancmange, a Spanish dish. The difference between them is the kind of milk used. The Spanish one uses almond milk, not the coconut one.

Maja is commonly served during birthdays and special occasions. However, with the on-going quarantine, people tend to make desserts at home for the family, and this kakanin is one of those easily replicated in any house.

Maja blanca has the consistency of thick gelatine, but creamier. This recipe here added more than corn kernels. It also has langka or jackfruit, which gives a distinct aroma. With cheese, it has the perfect balance of cheese, sweetness, and creaminess.

Ready your ingredients and make a perfect maja blanca with langka at home!


• 500 grams of cornstarch
• 1 pack of Cheese Shredded
• 2 cans Evaporated milk
• 1 can of kernel Whole corn
• 1 can of Cream corn
• 250 grams of langka/ jackfruit
• 50 php of coconut milk
• 1 cup of Water
• 400 – 500 grams of white sugar


1. In a pan put together the coconut milk, add the whole corn and cream corn, add the evaporated milk, add the white sugar, add the 1/2 cup of water and add the langka/jackfruit,

2. Open the stove in medium flame then mix well.

3. When it’s slightly boiling add the grated cheese?

4. Mix well and let it boil.

5. Meanwhile dissolved the cornstarch in remaining water and set aside.

6. When it’s boiling. Add the dissolved cornstarch gradually and continuous mixing until cook.

7. Pour in a swallow container and add more grated cheese.

8. Let it cool and served. Enjoy