Pastillas – Negosyo Recipes

Pastillas is a sweet milk candy that is good as dessert. Learn how to make it in this video.

These milk bars or milk candies are commonly sold in the Philippines. You can see them in sari-sari store, in the supermarket, and even on buses. Remember when you were riding a bus then someone hopped in to sell these goodies? They are so delicious that you can buy them for pasalubong!

San Miguel, Bulacan is where these milk-based confectionaries started. Our carabao-rearing farmers used their carabao’s or cow’s milk, added sugar and calamondin juice, and made these awesome treats. They even made their famous paper-cut wrapper or pabalat delicate to wrap these candies. Now, the town has been celebrating Pastillas Festival every May since 2006.

This recipe uses no carabao’s milk but condensed milk. Although there are only three ingredients, you will still have the same creamy, milky candies. They are good for business! Enjoy!


  • 1 cup of Milk powder
  • ¼ cup of Condensed milk
  • ¼ cup of White sugar


  1. In a clean bowl mix the powder milk and add condensed milk gradually.
  2. Knead the mixture until become a dough texture. If too wet dust more of powder milk.
  3. Take a spoon of pastillas mixture and shape into your desire shape.
  4. Roll it in Sugar powder. Serve and enjoy