Pineapple Lemonade with Sprite

Cool yourself down with this refreshing pineapple lemonade with Sprite!

Of course, you have seen it being sold almost everywhere. Lemonade is a sweetened lemon-flavored drink. Do you know that it can be cloudy or clear? There is also a pink and brown lemonade. The brown one uses brown sugar, which is the common sweetener for this drink; healthy versions use honey. With the hot weather we are experiencing despite the rainy season, a glass of lemonade will be a great relief.

This recipe does not only use lemon. We also add pineapple as a sweetener. New twist, isn’t it? Wait until you see the next ingredient: Sprite. Yes, your favorite carbonated drink can be used to add sweetness and that fizz in your drink. Lemonade in the UK is actually a lemon-flavored carbonated drink.


• 1 pc Lemon Squeeze
• 1 pc Pineapple Slice
• 1 cup of Water
• 1 cup of Sprite Soda


1. Wash and cut the pineapple and squeeze the lemon then set aside.

2. Blend the pineapple with water using blender machine.

3. Add the ice cube in the glass then mix the blended pineapple with lemon juice and sprite.

4. Served and Enjoy!