Spicy Labuyo Ice Cream

You will never see or think of siling labuyo the same way again if you would try this spicy siling labuyo ice cream!

This dessert is very famous in Bicol. We particularly looked for a good restaurant selling this ice cream when we went there. We thought that it would just be a simple ice cream with a bit of kick. However, we were surprised with the intense heat that this cold treat gives off! It is really hot and spicy! How is that for an ice cream?

Ice cream is a great cooler! It is best selling during hot weather. Even if this recipe will give you a spicy feeling, it can still cool you down. This recipe is a local recipe that you should never miss trying. It is sweet and spicy and cold!

If you are curious enough, we dare you to try this recipe. You will love it!


• 2 pcs Labuyo/Sili
• 2 Packs Nestle Cream (chilled)
• 1/2 cup condensed milk
• 1 pc red bell pepper (roasted)
• Red food coloring
• 1 tsp vanilla essence


1. Roast the bell pepper and cover with plastic wrap. Set aside

2. Peel the roasted bell pepper. Set aside.

3. Add 2 packs of chilled nestle cream, add the condensed milk and vanilla, labuyo, bell pepper and food coloring then blend until to blended well.

4. Pour and strain in a clean container and refrigerate overnight.

5. Serve and enjoy the spicy labuyo ice cream.