The Creamy Mango Graham Ice Candy

Nothing can beat this creamy mango Graham ice candy! It is just so good! Learn the recipe here!

We love ice candy! That is a fact! This cooler can be found in any region of the country. It is even a source of income for many households. Ice candy is the same as the freeze pop in the United States or the ice pop in Peru. It is a water-based frozen confection that can be eaten as dessert or simply when you feel hot with the weather. Different from the common popsicle, which is also a great cooler, ice candy comes in plastic sleeves or tubes. Sometimes, its consistency is like that of a slushie. But this one here is more than that.

Combining mango and Graham with different kinds of milk, this mango Graham ice candy is rich and creamy! You will love it! Enjoy!


• 2 pcs. Mango slice minced
• 1 cup of sugar
• 1 Nestle Cream
• 1 big can of Condensed Milk
• 1 big can of Evaporated Milk
• 1 cup of Cassava Flour
• 1 cup of Graham Crushed
• 2 Liters water
• Plastic for Ice Candy


1. Mix the 1 cup of cassava flour into 1 cup of water. Set Aside

2. Mix the 2 liters water, Evaporated Milk and sugar.

3. When the mixture milk and water is boiled add the mixture cassava and wait until thickened. Set Aside

4. Slice mango into minced and set aside.

5. Add the condensed milk, nestle cream and the slice mango. Mix well

6. Set aside and ready for Packing.

7. In plastic ice candy put the graham powder first then follows by mixture ice candy.

8. Then seal well. Refrigerate overnight.

9. Served and Enjoy.