Tinutong /Negosyo Recipes

This tinutong recipe is what you will need for a happy and memorable snack time at home! Try it now!

Not many millennials know this traditional Pinoy kakanin. But go to provinces and you will see that it is still recognized as one of the best merienda. Tinutong means burnt or toasted. Why such a name? This snack is made of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk with toasted munggo or mung bean. It is like rice porridge but sweet and with beans. The beans are dry roasted in a pan and then ground. When added to the sticky rice, they add the crunchy texture to it, as well as a delightful toasted flavor. These roasted beans are also the reason for the brown color of tinutong.

Although it can be likened to biko, they taste and look differently. If you are curious about it, ready your ingredients and be excited for an awesome tinutong treat!


• ½ kilo of Glutinous Rice
• ½ cup of Roasted Mung Beans
• 1 cup of Pure Coconut milk
• ½ kilo of Sugar
• 8 cups of Water


1. Roast the beans in a pan and crush it by rolling with a glass. But be careful don’t break the glass. Set aside

2. In another pot put the glutinous rice and wash for 3 times then add the 8 cups of water. Let it boil.

3. Add the roasted beans and sugar. Stir well and cover it. Low heat

4. Keep stirring to avoid getting burn from the bottom.

5. Lastly add the coconut milk and keep stirring for a minute.

6. Turn off the heat and Serve while hot. Enjoy

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