Top 10 Meryenda Recipes

Tinutong /Negosyo Recipes


• ½ kilo of Glutinous Rice
• ½ cup of Roasted Mung Beans
• 1 cup of Pure Coconut milk
• ½ kilo of Sugar
• 8 cups of Water


1. Roast the beans in a pan and crush it by rolling with a glass. But be careful don’t break the glass. Set aside

2. In another pot put the glutinous rice and wash for 3 times then add the 8 cups of water. Let it boil.

3. Add the roasted beans and sugar. Stir well and cover it. Low heat

4. Keep stirring to avoid getting burn from the bottom.

5. Lastly add the coconut milk and keep stirring for a minute.

6. Turn off the heat and Serve while hot. Enjoy